About Quote Commercial Insurance

Quote Commerical Insurance traces its roots back to 2001 when its founders devised a custom 8-step process to serve the needs of customers seeking insurance rather than the insurance carriers themselves. With a fully licensed and educated staff, we focus on offering quality insurance policies at quality prices to the commercial market.

Our 8-Step Custom Process to Insurance Savings and Protection

    • We quote exclusively through over 65 A+ rated insurance carriers.
    • We speak directly with underwriters to ensure only the most appropriate coverages are selected.
    • Using our insider knowledge, we play insurers against each other for the best pricing available.
    • We’ll eliminate any carrier that is unwilling to meet our client's specific coverage needs and options.
    • We then compare quotes for rates and coverages from only the best of the top carriers remaining.
    • We advocate for you, listing recommendations and discussing with you all your quote options.
    • We rate each company based on Ease of Use, Financial Rating, Value, plus Coverage and Cost.
    • We never require an office visit; completing your policy over the phone and web is fast and easy.

Our focus on the needs of each client's business gives us an intimate understanding of many different industries, allowing us to serve you and your business better.

We use the latest technology, combined with exceptional customer service, to assist customers in securing policies that support and enhance their business endeavors throughout Florida. With a vast network of more than 65 different insurance providers, we shop for policies that are customized to meet your specific needs and your budget. No other agency will work as hard for you.

Our custom process has already served more than 10,000 businesses. As we expand, our focus remains on one goal: Insurance made simple. If you have any questions or know exactly how we may help you, contact us today!