Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance in Florida

Business owners live in a world of uncertainties. Each day is fraught with hazards, accidents and other unpredictable events that can and do lead to insurance claims. Whether it is a customer getting injured inside your building or an employee damaging a client's property, the possibilities for insurance-related issues are almost endless.

Quote Commercial Insurance offers commercial general liability insurance policies that protect entrepreneurs from a wide range of potential perils. The policy is something a successful business owner truly cannot do without. 

What Does it Cover?

Commercial general liability insurance protects your business against possible financial burdens should you be sued for damage or injury arising out of your business operations or the actions of your employees. These include:

  • Bodily injuries and deaths
  • Damage to other people's property 
  • Personal damages (e.g. slander, libel, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy)

Depending on the type of coverage and your policy limit, our commercial general liability insurance policies can cover the costs of your legal defense and medical fees if you are found liable for the claims. Finding the best policy will provide you peace of mind.

At Quote Commercial, we also offer policies for workers' compensationcommercial auto coveragecommercial property coverage and other business-related issues for our customers throughout Florida.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

How Much Does it Cost?

Many factors go into calculating insurance cost.  Common examples include the size of the company, experience in the industry, the claims history and the nature of work provided. Many more are applicable.

As difficult as it is to estimate a rate without knowing these details, we recently insured a 1-owner, self-employed start-up company in a low-risk industry (painters, handymen, HVAC, light remodeler,) for an annual premium of $900.  Another midsized business with multiple employees and a medium risk factor (concrete, plumbers, general contractors, carpentry framers, medium risk industries) was $1,675 annually. We also insured a large established company with many employees and high-gross receipts in a higher-risk business (roofers, large-scale general contractors, welders) for about $4,500 annually.

How Do I Start Coverage?

Starting coverage is easy.  Simply CLICK HERE and complete a quick web form or call 844-792-6700 to speak to us directly.  No office visit is required and we can complete your paperwork online and place coverage on the same day in most cases.

How is Quote Commercial Different from Other Agencies?

At Quote Commercial Insurance, we understand the needs of business owners.  We have a comprehensive process that will provide coverage that is tailor-made for your business. As an insurance brokerage, we have access to more than 65 carriers to find you the best rate possible.

8 Ways We Make Insurance Simple

  1. We search more than 65 top-rated carriers to find the best match for your unique business needs.
  2. We speak directly with underwriters to ensure only the most appropriate coverages are selected.
  3. Using our insider knowledge, we play insurers against each other for the best pricing available.
  4. We’ll eliminate any carrier that is unwilling to meet our client's specific coverage needs.
  5. We compare quotes for rates and coverages from the best remaining carriers.
  6. We advocate for you, listing recommendations and presenting all of your quote options.
  7. We rate each company based on Ease of Use, Financial Rating, Value, Coverage and Cost.
  8. We never require an office visit; we complete your policy online or over the phone.

Rely on Quote Commercial to Handle Your Insurance Needs 

At Quote Commercial Insurance, our goal is to make insurance simple for our Florida-based customers. When you need our help, contact us online or give us a call at 844-792-6700.